88th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary August 1942

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1 August 1942 LLanidloes.

2/Lt H R SLADE posted to “attached” Depot Royal Artillery.

4 August 1942

Major H S HOSEASON attached 1st Battalion The Manchester Regiment. Authority: War Office (Arty/3293(AG.GP).

2/Lt R L McLAREN posted to the Regiment from 74 Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery.

Lt W FACER proceeded on Course of Instruction at Larkhill.

6 August 1942

Major H S HOSEASON posted to 1st Battalion The Manchester Regiment to command. Authority: WOTPM. GM/2778/A.G.2.B.

Major E F WOOLSEY appointed Second-in-Command (Western Command letter CRWC. 5/53679 (R.1.)) dated 15/8/1942.

3, 5 and 7 August 1942

Q, R and T Batteries carried out Regimental Exercise “AUDACITY” designed to practice them in deployment and battle procedure.

7 August 1942

2/Lt G J WILLIAMS posted to the Regiment from 94 Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery.

12 August 1942

2/Lt A E WETHERELL posted to T Battery.

12 – 14 August 1942

Divisional Exercise “MONTE CARLO” designed to test all aspects of Motor Transport. The Regiment was placed 10th out of 24 competitors.

14 August 1942

G.O.C. 49 Division visited the Regiment.

Captain C E PHILLIPS attached to the Regiment.

15 August 1942 DUNFIELD.

Captain C E PHILLIPS assumed command T Battery.

R Battery returned to LLANIDLOES from Dunfield House.

Q Battery moved to Dunfield House.

2/Lt D L ROBERTS posted to “attached” to the Regiment (R Battery).

16 August 1942

Powers of Detachment Commander withdrawn from Major F J SMITH on the return of his Battery to LLANIDLOES.

Powers of Detachment Commander given to Major G A McCLELLAND.

17 August 1942

Lt J POMFRET proceeded on a course of instruction at 49 Division School of Battle Drill.

18 – 19 August 1942

Captain S A HUTCHINSON attended Gas Refresher Course (Divisional).

18 August 1942

2/Lt H G BARKER proceeded on a course of instruction at No. 34 Signal Training Regiment.

21 August 1942

Temporary Captain C E PHILLIPS POWELL posted to the Regiment.

22 August 1942

Temporary Captain C E PHILLIPS POWELL granted Powers of Detachment Commander.

22 – 25 August 1942

49th Divisional Exercise “HOTSPUR”. Deliberate occupation of a defensive position.

24 August 1942

Lt P M HACKETT proceeded on course of instruction at Western Command Messing Officers Training Centre.

27 August 1942

Captain K A POTT granted powers of detachment commander during absence on leave of Major G A McCLELLAND.


During the month the Regiment has carried out Range Courses War (rifle practice) with the following results:-

First Class shots – 136. Second class shots – 186, Failed – 125.

All gun layers have been classified and regular tests will be held to keep the classification up to date.


Officers – 37

WO I – 1

WO II – 4

Staff Sergeants – 5

Sergeants – 62

Lance Sergeants – 9

Bombardiers – 41

Lance Bombardiers – 25

Gunners – 309

TOTAL – Officers 37

Other Ranks 456


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