88th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary July 1942

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1 July 1942 LLANIDLOES.

2/Lieut G A SMITH admitted to Mostyn Hall Hospital, Chester.

2/Lieut H G BARKER proceeded on Course of Instruction and attached to 49 Division Battle School.

Temporary Lt Colonel S K PEMBROKE to be Lieutenant Colonel. Extract from Supplement to the London Gazette dated 26 June 1942.

2/Lieut D R MORGAN (R Battery) and 2/Lieut J R TATHAM (T Battery) joined for duty. Authority: W.O.U.M. 112/Arty/3293 (AG6P) dated 21 June 1942.

2/Lieut A F KIRKCALDY (T Battery) joined for duty.

Acting Captain N KIRKMAN to be Temporary Captain with effect from 12/6/1942. Authority: War Office Part II Order (b) No. 27.

2 July 1942

2/Lts B J BRITAIN and F R JEFFERIES posted to Depot Royal Artillery. Authority: 5 Corps message 3815.

7 July 1942

Lieut J POMFRET proceeded on course of instruction and attached to School of Artillery, Larkhill.

10 July 1942

Temporary Major F E MOORCROFT relinquishes temporary rank of Major and reverts to War Substantive Rank of Captain with effect from 13/6/1942. Authority; 8 Command order 57 para 882.

Temporary Captain W L ASHTON granted Paid Acting Rank of Major with effect from 13/6/1942. Authority: 8 Command Order 57 para 882.

15 July 1942

R Battery moved to Dunfield House, Kington. (Details on Appendix A attached – see below).

16 July 1942

BSM (A.I.G.) MOGG attached to Regiment for all purposes. Attached to Batteries as follows – Q Battery 16 July – 2 August, R Battery 3 – 15 August, T Battery 16 – 31 August.

20 – 22 July 1942

Regiment took part in Exercise FRISK. Q Battery acted as enemy. (Details on Appendix B attached – see below).

22 July 1942

2/Lt G A SMITH posted to Depot, Royal Artillery, having been in hospital for a period exceeding 21 days.

23 July 1942

Lieut W P CARPENTER posted to No. 1 Air Landing Anti-Tank Battery. Authority: W.O.U.M. 112/Arty/ 3293 (A.G.6.P.) dated 16 July 1942.

24 July 1942

The undermentioned Officers posted from 125 OCTU joined for duty:-

2/Lieut J E WILCOX – posted to “R” Battery.

2/Lieut D MILLER – posted to “R” Battery.

2/Lieut H. de M. LEATHES – posted to “Q” Battery.

2.Lieut E W TOURELL – posted to “T” Battery.

Authority: P.L. 461 – Field.

25 July 1942

The undermentioned Officers attached to Field Regiments as shown:-

2/Lieut F G VELLS – 143 Field Regiment Royal Artillery.

2/Lieut H. de M. LEATHES – 178 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.

2/Lieut E W TOURELL – 178 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.

26 – 28 July 1942

The Regiment less T Battery took part in 49 Division Exercise GEORGE. This and the previous Exercise FRISK again demonstrated the difficulties of rationing an Anti-Tank Regiment in the field. (Details on Appendix B attached – see below).

26 July 1942

2/Lieut J L MEIGH and 2/Lieut R A ALLEN posted to S Battery from 62 Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. Authority: 47 Division letter 273/1 dated 21/7/1942.

30 July 1942

S Battery posted to 78 Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. Authority: W.O.U.M. 20/Arty/5997 (A.G.6.a.) dated 21/7/1942.


The Regiment has settled down satisfactorily to the new training conditions. Q and R Batteries went to practice camp for one days practice at Trawsfynydd on 13 and 14 July respectively and T battery on 27 July.

A further 8 2 pdr guns were delivered during the month, making a total of 32 2 pdrs and 16 6 pdrs.

A 2 pdr and 6 pdr gun were loaned to the 289 Field Park Company at Hereford for river crossing practice and demonstrations which proved very successful.


1 WO 1


6 Staff Sergeants

61 Sergeants

10 Lance Sergeants

39 Bombardiers

27 Lance Bombardiers

318 Gunners


Appendices attached to the July 1942 War Diary.

Appendix A – “R” Battery move to Camp.

This document set out the support arrangements for transport, rations, medical and postal services necessary to assist the move of R Battery to Dunfield House (725798 – O.S. Map sheet 80). Transport was to be drawn from 70 Brigade.

Appendix B – 49 Division Exercise FRISK.

This Exercise was intended to practice the Division in the attack, without the assistance of Armoured Fighting Vehicles, against GERMANS in hilly country.

The exercise postulated the response to an invading German force which, at this stage, was in retreat but putting up hard resistance, including the use of armour and dive-bombers. The intelligence available described their line of retreat and developing defences. 1st Tyneside Scottish and 2nd Kensingtons were acting as enemy in the exercise, suppoted by an RAF Squadron. Co-operation with 101 Marine Brigade was part of the exercise.

Details of ammunition and arrangements for dealing with any damage caused by the exercising troops were set out, as well as the necessary fire precautions in the countryside being fought over. Major Moorcroft was in charge of the Rear Party.

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