88th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary June 1942

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1 June 1942 Parkstone.

2/Lt W J LONGDON posted to Depot, Royal Artillery, having been in hospital for a period exceeding 21 days.

2 June 1942

Lieut R A HERBERT and 2/Lt A E WETHERELL proceeded on Courses of Instruction at School of Artillery, Larkhill.

12 June 1942

Acting Major F E MOORCROFT promoted Temporary Major. War Substantive Captain. Authority: War Office Part II(b) Orders No. 25 dated 18 Jun 1942.

13 June 1942

Orders received to join 49 Division. (Details set out in Appendix A attached – see below).

15 June 1942

2/Lt F R JEFFERIES posted to “S” Battery.

16 June 1942

Regiment less “S” Battery moved to Cirencester where it staged for the night. (Movement details on Appendix B attached – see below).

17 June 1942

Move to LLANIDLOES completed by RHQ, “Q” and “R” Batteries and to RHYADER by “T” battery. The Regiment came under command 49 Division.

18 June 1942

2/Lt H C P BURDEN (“S” Battery) posted to 77 Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. Authority: W.O.U.M. 112/Arty/3170 (A.G.6.P.) dated 13 Jun 42.

19 June 1942 RHYADER.

Major E F WOOLSEY granted powers of Detachment Commander.

20 June 1942

2/Lt A F KIRKCALDY posted from 125 OCTU, Royal Artillery (Posted to “T” Battery). Authority: P.L. 344 – Field.

22 June 1942

Lt R W CLOUGH posted to No. 1 Air Landing Recce Squadron. Authority: W.O. Letter 112/Arty/3170 (A.G.6.P.) dated 16 June 1942.

RHQ took part in skeleton form in 24 hours Divisional Exercise “CRASSUS”: designed to test communication. A vehicle equipped with No. 11 set and personnel to man it was lent to the Regiment for the occasion.

2/Lt R ASPINALL proceeded on Course of Instruction at No. 37 Signal Training Centre, Scarborough.

25 June 1942

2/Lt H THOMAS posted to 50th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. Authority: W.O.U.M. P/200358/1 (A.G.6.P.) dated 18 Jun 42.

29 June 1942

C.O. took RHQ out on 24 hour Exercise.


Training was necessarily interrupted for the move and the process of developing fresh training areas in this very different country is well in hand. Regimental forecast of Exercises is attached.

Appendices attached to June 1942 War Diary.

Appendix A – Signal regarding move of Division.

The signal, marked as immediate, read as follows:-

SECRET. 88 A Tk Regt less S Bty moves from PARKSTONE to join 49 div. HQ and two btys LLANIDLOES one bty RHYADER to arrive 18 jun. Adv party not exceeding 4 Offrs 40 ors report LLANIDLOES 15 jun. Unit will apply distmove control for timings. Authy HOFOR 05730 ten june. Report urgently number vehs and guns moving Westco.

Appendix B – Movement Order No. 2.

This document, in the usual format, set out the arrangements for the move of location, including timings, make-up of parties, rations, routing parties, overnight staging, refuelling and so on.

Heavy baggage and a number of men were to travel by rail. S Battery were to look after billets and furniture. Vehicles currently being repaired were to remain with S Battery until ready to depart and rejoin the Regiment – these consisted of an Austin Utility, a Chevrolet Portee, three Bedford 15 cwts and a Hillman Utility.

The third and fourth pages set out the timings for the long halt en route.

Appendix B – Movement Order No. 3 – Rail Party.

The first page set out timings for the rail parties and it was so arranged that no changes of train were required. Details of heavy baggage arrangements were set out, together with arrangements for rations.

Forecast of Exercises.

These two pages set out the complete Exercise programme – Divisional and Brigade – over the succeeding months, beginning with “CRASSUS” on 23rd June and ending with “JUNIPER” at the end of August.

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