88th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary October 1942

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1 October 1942

2/Lieuts J SUTCLIFFE, G N C FLINT, R ASPINALL, R A E de ROUGEMENT, W G ARMSTRONG, C J WILLIAMS, F G VELLA, J LAWRENCE, A I SHARP, R L McLAREN, H G BARKER, G R LOWES, and J H TATHAM to be War Substantive Lieutenants with effect from 1 October 1942. War Office Order No. 43 dated 22 October 1942.

2 October 1942

Lieut F G VELLA posted to 143 Field Regiment.

4 October 1942

Major E F WOOLSEY assumes command of the Regiment during absence on course of Lt Col S K PEMBROKE.

5 October 1942

Lt Col S K PEMBROKE proceeded on course of instruction at Mountain and Snow Warfare School.

7 October 1942

Lieut S LOWES posted to R Battery and 2/Lt D L ROBERTS to Q Battery.

12 October 1942

Three month signal cadre commences.

Quarterly Audit Board assembles.

Lt Col S K PEMBROKE resumes command of the Regiment.

14 October 1942

2/Lieut E W TOURELL attached to 178 Field Regiment.

15 – 19 October 1942

The Regiment attended practice camp at HARLECH.

19 October 1942

2/Lt A F KIRKCALDY proceeded on course at 49 Division Battle School.

Major E F WOOLSEY assumes command of Regiment during absence on leave of Lt Col S K PEMBROKE.

Lieut P M HACKETT admitted Military Hospital, CHESTER.

26 October 1942

Lieut L F MILLER RAMC attached from 160 Field Ambulance.

28 October 1942

Captain G T HENMAN Royal Artillery, Military College of Science attached until 4 November.


The Regiment has conducted two Cadres for Officers and NCOs destined to handle the 2 pdr Anti-Tank Gun in Infantry Battalions.


Officers – posted strength 33

          posted attached   5

WO I 1


Staff Sergeants 4

Sergeants 58

Lance Sergeants 10

Bombardiers 50

Lance Bombardiers 35

Gunners 307

Total Other Ranks 469.

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