88th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary September 1942

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3 September 1942 LLANIDLOES.

Captain F E MOORCROFT relinquishes temporary rank of Major with effect from 13/6/1942 (War Office Order No. 36).

5 September 1942

2/Lieut F G VELLA posted to “T” Battery.

7 September 1942

The Regiment moved out to concentration areas for Western Command Exercise “WETSHOD”.

8 September 1942

Temporary Captain C L PHILLIPS POWELL granted Paid Acting Rank of Major with effect from 20/8/1942. (War Office Order 1509 Serial No. 36).

11 September 1942

2/Lieut W G ARMSTRONG admitted to Princes Royal Hospital Swansea.

12 September 1942

2/Lieuts J BROOHAM, B G HOOPER, A. McD. HALL, N.G. SIMMONDS posted to “attached” and posted to “R” Battery, “Q” Battery, “R” Battery and “T” Battery respectively.

14 September 1942

The Regiment returned from Exercise WETSHOD.

18 September 1942

2/Lieut R ASPINALL returned from Course of Instruction, School of Signals, Catterick.

25 September 1942

Lt Col S K PEMBROKE attended Divisional Commander’s Training Conference.

28 September 1942

Commencement of a 2 weeks 2 pdr Anti-Tank Gun Cadre (consisting of 8 Officers and 45 Other Ranks drawn from 49th Recce Regiment and the Infantry Battalions in the Division).

30 September 1942

Brigadier C H M BRUNKER (new Commander, Royal Artillery) visited the Regiment.


Prior to participating in Exercise WETSHOD the Regiment underwent a short course of preliminary instruction in Combined Operations Work.


Officers 35

WO I 1


Staff Sergeants 4

Sergeants 61

Lance Sergeants 10

Bombardiers 50

Lance Bombardiers 23

Gunners 300

Total 453

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