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To see a geographical map pinpointing the location of the village of BALDURSHAGI please click here.

The two photographs below are also from the collection of Fridthor Eydal, who has kindly given permission for them to be used in this historical context, for which we are most grateful. Both images were taken in January 1943, just over a year after the Brigade had left Iceland. The Camp may well have been extended before the photographs were taken but they give a clear impression of the impact of winter on these isolated Camps.

An overall view of the BALDURSHAGI Camp.

A second view of the BALDURSHAGI Camp.

A short ditty found on the American Marines commemorative Website concerning the village read as follows:-

Dear Old Baldurshagi

(Sung to "Roll Out the Barrel")

Dear old Baldurshagi,

Oh! what a hell of a dump.

Rocks and hills all craggy,

Stulkas [Icelandic women] to slap on the rump.

If we ever leave here,

Our thoughts will wander once more,

Thoughts of building Montezuma,

On Iceland's chilly shore.

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