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Personnel Entry

Lance Bombardier Samuel Byram
Lance Bombardier Samuel Byram

Name Byram Samuel
Army number 1525789.
Rank Gunner.
Decorations None known beyond Service Awards.
Date of birth 24/10/1919.
Age (At the time of his death). 75.
Unit Enlisted in the Royal Artillery 15/1/1940. Underwent Basic Training. Posted to 219th Battery, 55th Anti-Tank Regiment. Posted to 332 Anti-Tank Battery, 55th Anti-Tank Regiment on probably 7th July 1943. 332 Battery then re-designated 220 Battery, 55th Anti-Tank Regiment. Served Normandy. Posted to Y List. Evacuated to the UK for hospital treatment after wounding. Returned to 220 Battery in Normandy 25/7/1944. Returned to the UK. Demobilised - date not yet known.
Company/Battery 219 Battery, 332 Battery, 220 Battery.
Platoon or other sub-unit Not yet known.
Task or role Gunner.
Joined Brigade On the attachment of 55th Anti-Tank Regiment to the Brigade Group.
Promotions Lance Bombardier.
Wounded Yes - wounded in the back by shrapnel in Normandy 17/6/1944. Treated in hospital in the UK.
Prisoner of War No.
Died/Killed in action Died of Cancer 29/1/1995.
Home address Father Tom Byram. Lived Castleford, West Yorkshire.
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The following photograph shows Lance Bombardier Byram posing next to his Archer Self-propelled Anti-Tank Gun, which was delivered to the Battery on 13/11/1944 by 259 Corps Delivery Squadron, Royal Armoured Corps. Only 655 of this type of vehicle were manufactured, based on the Valentine Tank chassis, and armed with the 17 pounder gun. This example is named after L/Bdr Byram's home town.

Lance Bombardier Byram with his SPG

To read the Wikipedia article on this weapon system - with links to other sources of information - please click here [1] It should be noted that the term "tank destroyer" is American terminology, whereas the British Army used the title "self-propelled gun, or anti-tank gun". Anti-Tank Regiments were often equipped with a mixture of towed and self-propelled weapons.