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Personnel Entry

Field Marshal Sir James Cassels
Field Marshal Sir James Cassels

Name Cassels Archibald James Halkett
Army number 36316
Rank Lt-Col
Decorations M.i.D. 8/11/1945 and 7/1/1949 (Palestine), C.B.E. (Later K.B.E. 10/10/1952), C.B. 1/1/1950 (later G.C.B. 1/1/1961), D.S.O. 21/12/1944, Legion of Merit - Commander (US decoration 16/9/1952).
Date of birth 28/2/1907 Quetta (then India, now Pakistan)
Unit Seaforth Highlanders - Commissioned 2/Lt 30/8/1926, Posted Central India 1928, Appointed ADC to GoC in C Northern Command, India (his father) 10/5/1930, Restored to establishment 13/3/1931, Posted 2nd Bn Seaforths, Seconded for service on the staff 30/11/1935, Appointed ADC to C in C India 30/11/1935, Restored to establishment 1/12/1938, Appointed ADC to HE C in C as Captain 30/11/1938, Posted 157th Brigade 1939, Posted 52nd Infantry Division September 1940, War Office, Posted to 1 TS in command 2/1/1943, Posted to 12 Corps as Brigadier - General Staff 27/12/1943, Posted 51st (Highland) Division BAOR in command, Posted 6th Airborne Division in command (Palestine), Posted to War Office January 1948 - up to 16/12/1949, UK Services Liaison Staff - Australia 16/12/1949, Posted 1st Commonwealth Division (Korea) in command July 1951, Posted 1 (British) Corps in command 4/1/1953, Posted War Office 15/11/1954, Seconded Federation Government Singapore - Malaya 17/9/1957, Posted Eastern Command 29/6/1959, BAOR Northern Army Group in command 7/1/1960, War Office, Retired 29/2/1968.
Company/Battery HQ
Platoon or other sub-unit
Task or role 2nd Seaforths - Adjutant 7/3/1934, Brigade Major of 157th Brigade, General Staff Officer, Deputy Director (Plans) October 1941, CO 1 TS, Brigadier - General Staff, Divisional Commander, Director of Land/Air Warfare, Chief Liaison Officer, Melbourne. Divisional Commander, GoC, Director of Military Training, Director of Operations, GoC in C, Commander in Chief, Adjutant-General 1/6/1963, Chief of the General Staff 8/2/1965.
Joined Brigade 2/1/1943
Promotions Lt 20/8/1929, Captain 22/2/1938, Major 30/8/1943, Colonel 19/8/1947, Brigadier 4/3/1948, Major-General 20/12/1948, Lieutenant General 2/2/1954, General 29/11/1958, Field Marshal 29/2/1968.
Prisoner of War
Died/Killed in action 13/12/1996 Newmarket, Suffolk.
Home address Son of General Sir Robert Cassels and Florence Emily Cassels (nee Jackson). Educated Rugby School and RMC Sandhurst (Sword of Honour). Married Joyce Kirk 1935 (deceased 1978) - one son. In 1947 address was HQ, 6th Airborne Div. M.E.F., Attended Imperial Staff College 1947. ADC General to the Queen 1960-1963. Married Joy Dickson 1978
Source table 1TS

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