Grant Duncan MacPherson 2/Lt 138532

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Personnel Entry

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Name Grant Duncan MacPherson
Army number 138532
Rank 2/Lt
Decorations None known so far.
Date of birth 15/2/1916
Age 0
Unit Duncan M Grant had served in the ranks of the Scots Guards as 2695208 before 1939, and, in 1939, still retained a Reserve commitment to the Scots Guards. Scots Guards Regimental records show that he was discharged under the 1940 King's Regulations to a Commission on 3/7/1940. This was presumably at the conclusion of an OCTU Course where he would have been a Cadet. Joined The Durham Light Infantry - granted an Emergency Commission as a 2/Lt 5/7/1940. Posted No 4 I.T.C. Brancepeth 6/7/1940. Posted 11th Bn DLI 9/7/1940 - joined 10/7/1940. Served Iceland. Served Normandy. Bayeux General Hospital 8/8/1944. Returned to Battalion 12/8/1944. With the Battalion on disbandment 26/8/1944. In 97 (British) General Hospital late 1944. Unemployed list 1945 as Hon Major.
Company/Battery D Company, B Company, Support Company, C Company.
Platoon or other sub-unit 5th (Anti-Tank) Platoon.
Task or role Company Commander 24/9/1942, and April 1943. Platoon Commander 28/7/1943, Company Commander 2/7/1944.
Joined Brigade 09-Jul-40.
Promotions W/S Lt 27/4/1941, A/Captain 1/10/1941, T/Captain 1/1/1942, W/S Captain and A/Major 2/10/1944.
Prisoner of War
Died/Killed in action Died 1999 aged 83. Death registered 6/1999 in Northampton.
Home address In the 1939 General Register he was a single man living with his mother at 27, St David's Road, Northampton and working as a Police Constable, presumably having left the Scots Guards. Research indicates that he married Hazel Woods at Northampton in Q2 1953 (to be confirmed).
Source table 11DLI