Holliman Reginald Gunner 1150145

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Personnel Entry

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Name Holliman Reginald
Army number 1150145
Rank Gunner
Decorations None known beyond Service Awards
Date of birth Not yet ascertained.
Age (At time of death). Not yet known.
Unit Enlisted in the Royal Artillery 28/5/1942. Underwent Basic Training at the 21st Medium and Heavy Training Regiment. Posted to the 25th Medium and Heavy Training Regiment 8/9/1942. Posted to the 1st Mountain Regiment 14/9/1942. Posted to the 3rd Mountain Regiment 1/12/1942. Posted overseas. Posted to X List (2) South East Asia 7/9/1945. Posted back to the 3rd Mountain Regiment 17/9/1945. Returned to the UK. Posted to the RA Depot 25/12/1945. Class B Release. W/T Reserve 23/1/1946. Class B Release W/T Reserve 22/1/1946. (This card entry may be duplicated). Demobilised. Discharged from the Reserve as over-age 1956.
Company/Battery Not yet known.
Platoon or other sub-unit Not yet known.
Task or role Details awaited.
Joined Brigade Not yet known.
Promotions None known.
Wounded Not so far as is known.
Prisoner of War Not so far as is known.
Died/Killed in action Date of death not yet ascertained.
Home address No family information yet.
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