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As can be seen from the history of the occupation, and from various entries in the War Diaries, Kaldadarnes was an operational airfield in Southern Iceland.

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A series of images relevant to Kaldadarnes are available here.

To read a forum set of entries on the airfield please click here. It should be noted that, in the context of the criticisms regarding the speed of construction, that regular shifts of infantrymen from 70th Infantry Brigade were toiling on this task, becoming increasingly familiar with rollers and rock-crushing equipment.

During our research visit in 2010, our guide, Stefan Helgi Valsson, used his GPS navigation device and drove to the centre of the runway crossover on the former airfield. No structures or runways were visible, but it was clear that there was rolled gravel under the plant cover and we took a small number of photographs on the site, and they are set out below.

Kaldadarnes runway

Kaldadarnes runway 2

Centre of runway

Centre of runway 2

Prime Minister inspects detachment at Kaldadarnes airfield

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