Normandy 1944

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The approach taken in the rest of the Website with regard to the places in which the Brigade operated have continued to be followed.

Photographs taken during the research visit to Normandy have been collated around Pages on the individual villages and towns, together with local geographical and historical information. This will be enhanced as further data becomes available. The links to this information and the set of images are set within the individual Unit War Diaries to maintain, as mentioned earlier, the sequencing of events and places which is a feature of the Website.

Users are encouraged to contact the Lead Researcher with relevant information on any of the engagements in which the Brigade was involved, or the places in which they took place - contact details are below.

It would be remiss not to mention the importance of the assistance and help from my guide on the visits to Normandy and the Dunkirk Campaign areas - the late Colonel Oliver Warman, formerly of the Welsh Guards. His knowledge and experienced approach was invaluable - together with his navigation skills - and a significant debt is owed to his memory.

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