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A high proportion of the Icelandic population lives in Reykjavik and the surrounding area.

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The photographs below are from, firstly, Fridthor Eydal's (FE) collection of 1940's images and, secondly, shots taken by the author (JLD) on the research visit in 2010.

FE Royal Marines occupying Reykjavik 10 May 1940
FE Royal Marine Lewis Gunners 10 May 1940
FE Sentry July 1941
FE Reykjavik street scene
FE General Curtis leaving Iceland July 1942
FE Midstraeti
JLD 1942 street scene from harbour display
FE Shared cigarettes - Reykjavik
JLD Hotel Borg from harbour display
JLD American troops July 1942 from harbour display

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