Winter F.M.S. Lt 267386

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Personnel Entry

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Name Winter F.M.S.
Army number 267386
Rank Lt
Decorations M.B.E.
Date of birth 22-Jul-21
Age 0
Unit Served in the ranks of the Royal Signals 4/4/1941 - 15/3/1943. Commissioned as a 2/Lt in the Royal Corps of Signals 16/3/1943. Posted 11 AF Sig Regt Mar 1943 - May 1944. Posted 49th Division Signals as Lt. J Signal Section. Posted to 70th Brigade 28/5/1944. Served Normandy? Posted HQ IS 2 Sub-Area (303 Signals) - India - October 1945. Posted Line of Communications Signal Regiment - India - April 1946. Commissioned in the Regular Army 16/12/1946. Posted HQ Northern Command (SO2 Signals) April 1947. Posted GHQ Pakistan as GSO2 August 1947. Posted War Office as GSO3 - Sigs 7 - January 1948. Posted School of Signals December 1950. Posted Korea with 1st Commonwealth Division October 1953. Posted Far East Land Forces September 1954 - Commanding Malaya Signal Squadron 24/10/1955. Posted 3 Signals Training Regiment November 1956. Posted HQ Training Brigade Royal Signals as DAA & QMG June 1958. Posted as 2i/c of 3 Signal Regiment July 1961. Posted as Commandant of the Signal Wing at School of Infantry, Hythe April 1963. Posted back to Far East Land Forces as GSO1 Signals May 1966. Posted HQ London District as CSO January 1969. Posted to 2 Signal Group in command November 1969. Posted as Colonel Telecommunications in HQ 2 Signal Group January 1972. Retired 5/5/1973.
Company/Battery 70th Brigade Headquarters.
Platoon or other sub-unit Signals Section.
Task or role Signals Officer
Joined Brigade 28-May-44
Promotions Lt, T/Captain, A/Major, T/Major, Major, T/Lt Col, A/Col, Col.
Prisoner of War
Died/Killed in action Date of death not yet known.
Home address
Source table 70BG