178th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

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It is usually the practice, in documenting the War Diaries of those Units associated with 70th Infantry Brigade, or part of the Brigade Group, to confine the period covered to that during which the supporting unit was indeed associated with the Brigade.

In the case of this particular unit, the War Diary gives an excellent opportunity to illustrate the process of establishing a military unit from its inception, with the relevant War Office authorities and the manning arrangements in particular.

It was therefore decided to document the War Diary from the establishment of the Regiment in January 1942, until December 1942, when the Regiment was reassigned to come under the command of 54th Division, rather than just from May 1942, when 178th Field Regiment came under the command of 49th Division.

In addition, as will be noted, there were earlier contacts with 70th Infantry Brigade, which are mentioned in the War Diary.

178th Field Regiment War Diary - 1942.

178th Field Regiment War Diary - January 1942.

178th Field Regiment War Diary - February 1942.

178th Field Regiment War Diary - March 1942.

178th Field Regiment War Diary - April 1942.

178th Field Regiment War Diary - May 1942.

178th Field Regiment War Diary - June 1942.

178th Field Regiment War Diary - July 1942.

178th Field Regiment War Diary - August 1942.

178th Field Regiment War Diary - September 1942.

178th Field Regiment War Diary - October 1942.

178th Field Regiment War Diary - November 1942.

178th Field Regiment War Diary - December 1942.

Personnel known to have served in 178th Field Regiment.

Astin S 2nd Lieutenant
Baird H A A Captain
Bayne W H H 2nd Lieutenant
Bell K G A 2nd Lieutenant
Birkett R Lieutenant
Blake J D 2nd Lieutenant
Boryer H C Captain
Bryant M H 2nd Lieutenant
Challenger N E Captain RAMC
Clarke G F Captain
Collins R A Major
Corbett P F Captain
Coulsey C W 2nd Lieutenant
Crichton-Brown R Captain
Dalgety G M 2nd Lieutenant
Dannreuther I A 2nd Lieutenant
Davidson 2nd Lieutenant
Douglas H W 2nd Lieutenant
Douglas J R 2nd Lieutenant
Dunn C P R 2nd Lieutenant
Eaton 2nd Lieutenant
Elce M H 2nd Lieutenant
Fegg 2nd Lieutenant
Fitzgerald Captain I.G.
Frankenthal J Lieutenant RAMC
Ganderton J 2nd Lieutenant
Goldstone N Captain RAMC
Gurstenberg V Major
Hackett C T Major
Hamburger 2nd Lieutenant
Hingston E P Lieutenant
James J A 2nd Lieutenant
Lapidus 2nd Lieutenant
Law R Captain
Mackenzie H D 2nd Lieutenant
Marsh B G Lieutenant (Quartermaster)
Martin Driver
McCarroll B B 2nd Lieutenant
McInnes W A Lance Bombardier
McKenna 2nd Lieutenant
McLay Pilot Officer 16 Sqn RAF
Novis F H W Lieutenant
Palmer F E H 2nd Lieutenant
Peters Lieutenant
Petley J D 2nd Lieutenant
Pigg 2nd Lieutenant
Rushworth-Ward L Lieutenant Colonel
Selby S S 2nd Lieutenant RCS
Simpson R H Captain
Skipper R Captain
Smith B V Lieutenant
Smith J W Captain
Stobe A D Captain
Venn Corporal
Vipond R Lieutenant
Walker D E 2nd Lieutenant
Wallace A C 2nd Lieutenant
Wanham C H 2nd Lieutenant
Wells D F Major
Whaley Lieutenant RCS
Willard Captain RAMC
Willcocks Captain I.G.
Wilson N M Captain
Winn-Jones W T 2nd Lieutenant
Wright K M Lieutenant Colonel

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