294th Field Company, Royal Engineers

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294th Field Company, Royal Engineers


According to research into the Order of Battle covering 49th Infantry Division, this Engineer Field Company was apparently listed as a part of the Division from 26th April 1942. However, no War Diary is on file at The National Archives - at least under reference WO 166 Home Forces - until December 1942. This is being further investigated.

As it was not possible to access the Royal Engineers Enlistment Books as part of the research, identifying those men who served in the Company is limited to listing those mentioned within the War Diary, or in the War Diaries of other units to which, or from which, they were transferred. This prevents the creation of full Memorial Pages for these men.

War Diary of the 294th Field Company, Royal Engineers.

War Diary - December 1942

War Diary - 1943

War Diary - 1944

Personnel known to have served in the Unit.

Although access to Enlistment Books or posting records was not available, thus preventing the full Memorial Page being set up for each man, the Movement Order Annex of April 1943 allowed the Platoon in which each man served to be identified, so that has been included, where possible, in the list below. The abbreviation H D is assumed to mean Home Details.

Amys Corporal H D
Adams W Sergeant 1 Platoon
Allen Sapper 1 Platoon
Appleby A Sergeant Section Sergeant 2 Section
Appley Lance Corporal 3 Platoon
Armstrong Driver 2 Platoon
Atkinson Walter William Sapper 1891558 Died 14/2/1940
Baker D Lance Corporal 1 Platoon
Baker T Sapper 2 Platoon May be duplicate.
Baker Thomas Frederick Sapper 1892603 Died 11/9/1944
Baldwin Lance Corporal 2 Platoon
Bellamy Sapper HQ Platoon
Bennett Lance Corporal HQ Platoon
Beresford Charles Sapper 14337048 Died 5/12/1944
Bew Sapper 1 Platoon
Bishop Corporal H D
Blackman Sapper 1 Platoon
Blanch Driver 3 Platoon
Blaylock David Sapper 1953828 Died 13/4/1945
Boak Driver HQ Platoon
Bradley Sapper 2 Platoon
Bradshaw George Sapper 1892818 Died 7/12/1944
Breen Driver 2 Platoon
Brewer Sapper 3 Platoon
Brown S Sapper 2 Platoon
Buckley Lance Corporal HQ Platoon
Burdett Arthur Graham Second Lieutenant 130513 George Medal See also 756th Field Company
Burgoin Lance Corporal HQ Platoon
Burns Private 1 Platoon
Butson Sapper 2 Platoon
Carpenter Driver H D
Carter R J Sapper HQ Platoon
Cartwright Sapper H D
Challoner Sapper 3 Platoon
Chambers Sapper 1 Platoon
Chisholm Donald Sapper 1880176 2 Platoon Died 16/4/1945
Clapham Corporal 1 Platoon
Clarke Sapper 3 Platoon
Cogger H W Sapper 3 Platoon
Cogger S T Sapper HQ Platoon
Cole J Driver HQ
Collins Sapper 1 Platoon
Collins Lance Corporal 3 Platoon
Conyard Sapper 1 Platoon
Cook Robert John Sapper 1909520 1 Platoon Died 11/8/1944
Cook S Driver HQ Platoon
Coole Driver HQ Platoon
Cooper Corporal 1 Platoon
Cotgrove Sapper 3 Platoon
Cresswell Driver 3 Platoon
Crewe Sapper 3 Platoon
Crichton Lance Corporal
Crowley Sapper 2 Platoon
Crowther Driver H D
Crugan C W Captain Second in Command
Crumpton Cecil Walter Lance Corporal - promoted to Lance Sergeant - 1892622 MM
Currans Sapper 3 Platoon
Cutting Corporal 3 Platoon
Dale Driver 1 Platoon
Davies Albert Carel Lieutenant 245941 MC
Davies F L Sapper H D
Davies T Sapper 2 Platoon
Davies Corporal 3 Platoon
Davis J Sapper 2 Platoon
Day Charles Edward Sapper 7019342 1 Platoon Died 13/4/1945
Deller John Charles Lance Corporal 2006628 H D Died 5/12/1944
Deller F Sapper 2 Platoon
Diamond Sapper 1 Platoon
Dick Sapper 3 Platoon
Dixon Sapper HQ
Dodd B Sapper 2 Platoon
Dodd R W Sapper 2 Platoon
Dodds Driver 2 Platoon
Doherty Sapper 3 Platoon
Don Sapper 2 Platoon
Dove Sapper 1 Platoon
Dyer Sapper 2 Platoon
Easthope Sapper 2 Platoon
Edmundson Sapper 2 Platoon
Elkins J Company Quarter Master Sergeant HQ Platoon
Elliott Albert Sapper 14418991 Died 24/10/1944
Elnor Sapper 1 Platoon
Evans A W Sapper 3 Platoon
Evans T W Sapper 2 Platoon
Eynon J M Second Lieutenant 296459
Farley Sapper 1 Platoon
Fidler Sapper 2 Platoon
Fisher Corporal
Forster Sapper 1 Platoon
Franklin Corporal 2 Platoon
Fullarton John Lieutenant 277497 Died 18/10/1944
Furnival Horace Sapper promoted to Corporal 1908858 1 Platoon MM
Furzer Victor George Sapper 2077841 3 Platoon Belgian Croix de Guerre
Gamble Sapper 3 Platoon
Gardner Sapper 3 Platoon
Gebhardt Sapper 1 Platoon
Gibbins Sapper 2 Platoon
Gilderoy Sapper 3 Platoon
Gillespie Sapper 1 Platoon
Gillett Sapper 1 Platoon
Ginn Driver HQ Platoon
Goldstone Driver H D
Gorton Sapper 2 Platoon
Gosling Sapper 1 Platoon
Gotch Sapper 1 Platoon
Gough Frederick Sergeant 1872635 Died 11/8/1944
Gould Driver 1 Platoon
Goulder Sapper HQ
Grainger Sapper 3 Platoon
Griffin Lance Corporal 1 Platoon
Groves Corporal 3 Platoon
Grundy Driver HQ Platoon
Guthrie Lance Corporal 3 Platoon
Hales Sapper 1 Platoon
Hall Corporal 2 Platoon
Hall C Sapper 3 Platoon
Hamilton Sapper 1 Platoon
Hammond Sapper 3 Platoon
Harker Sapper 1 Platoon
Harris Sapper 3 Platoon
Harrison Sapper 3 Platoon
Hatfield Arthur Douglas Lieutenant 258858 Killed in Action 17/6/1944
Hayward Corporal 1 Platoon
Hewitt Sapper 2 Platoon
Higgins (53) Sapper 2 Platoon
Higgins (67) Sapper 2 Platoon
Hoden Sapper HQ Platoon
Hodgetts Sapper HQ Platoon
Hodgkinson Sapper 1 Platoon
Holmes Sapper HQ Platoon
Hooper Sapper 3 Platoon
Hopson Sapper 3 Platoon
Hornbuckle Sapper 2 Platoon
Howard Sapper 1 Platoon
Hudson G Second Lieutenant Section Officer No. 3 Section
Hughes Sapper 2 Platoon
Hurry Sapper 2 Platoon
Irons Sapper 2 Platoon
Jackson Sapper 2 Platoon
Jakeman Sapper 1 Platoon
Jarvis Harold Bertie Lance Corporal 2149304 Died 24/10/1944
Jenkins Sapper 3 Platoon
Jones Driver HQ Platoon
Jones F W Sapper 3 Platoon
King Driver HQ Platoon
Knott Sapper HQ Platoon
Langley M H Lieutenant Section Officer No. 2 Section. Promoted to Captain. 99258
Lanning Lieutenant
Lax Sapper H D
Leach Sapper 2 Platoon
Ledger John Lance Corporal 907555 1 Platoon Died 11/8/1944
Lewer Sapper HQ Platoon
Lilley Sapper HQ Platoon
Lister Driver HQ
Locke Driver 1 Platoon
Lodge Sapper 2 Platoon
Lodger Driver H D
MacDougall Sapper 2 Platoon
Mackie Sapper 2 Platoon
Marshall Lance Sergeant 2 Platoon
Martin Corporal HQ Platoon
Matthews Lance Corporal 2 Platoon
Miller Sapper 2 Platoon
Milner Sapper 1 Platoon
Mitchell C Sapper 1 Platoon
Mitchell Joe Sapper 14245592 Died 24/10/1944
Mitchell L Sapper 1 Platoon
McLaren William Sapper 14213366 Died 16/4/1945
McLean Sapper 3 Platoon
Moore Lance Corporal 1 Platoon
Moore T C Company Sergeant Major HQ Platoon
Morgan Sapper 3 Platoon
Mortimer Driver 3 Platoon
Morton A Sapper HQ Platoon
Morton F Sapper 2 Platoon
Mowat J A S Second Lieutenant See also 289th Field Park Company, Royal Engineers.
Niblett Sapper 2 Platoon
Nicholls Sapper 1 Platoon
O'Brien Sapper 3 Platoon
O'Brien Corporal 2 Platoon
Odell Sapper 3 Platoon
Owens Lance Corporal HQ Platoon
Palmer Driver 1 Platoon
Parker Sapper 2 Platoon
Paul Sapper H D
Payne E Sapper 2 Platoon
Payne S J Sapper H D
Payne T W Sapper 2 Platoon
Pearson Sapper H D
Pearson Lance Corporal 2 Platoon
Perryman Sapper 2 Platoon
Pheney Sapper 1 Platoon
Phillips Sapper 1 Platoon
Powne Sapper 2 Platoon
Pullinger Sapper 1 Platoon
Puntis Sapper 3 Platoon
Reed Lance Sergeant HQ
Reed F A Sapper H D
Reede R R Sapper 3 Platoon
Reekie Peter Sapper 14213411 Died 10/4/1944
Richardson Lance Corporal 2 Platoon
Rutherford Driver 2 Platoon
Rutland Driver 1 Platoon
Sanders Lance Sergeant 3 Platoon
Sandles Sapper 3 Platoon
Sansom Sapper 2 Platoon
Sault Sapper H D
Saunders R Lieutenant Section Officer No. 1 Section
Searl Sapper HQ
Sloan Andrew Corporal 1880164 3 Platoon Died 31/10/1944
Smalley Sapper H D
Smiles Lance Sergeant H D
Smith E Sapper 3 Platoon
Smith J A J Sapper 3 Platoon
Spink Sapper 1 Platoon
Steel John Watson Sapper 14748416 Died 13/4/1945
Stevens Sapper HQ Platoon
Stonyer A Sergeant Section Sergeant 3 Section
Stothard Sapper 1 Platoon
Stott Sapper H D
Sumner Private HQ Platoon
Sweetlove Sapper 1 Platoon
Symons Lance Corporal H D
Taylor Driver 2 Platoon
Taylor Lance Sergeant 3 Platoon
Teague Sapper 3 Platoon
Thomas Sapper 3 Platoon
Thomas E Sapper 3 Platoon
Thompson Private 2 Platoon
Thompson Sapper 2 Platoon
Thompson Lance Corporal 3 Platoon
Thorn Sapper HQ Platoon
Thornton Sapper 1 Platoon May be duplicate.
Thornton Private 3 Platoon May be duplicate.
Thornton Graham Gerald Lance Corporal 2005316 Died 25/6/1944
Tidey Lance Sergeant 1 Platoon
Townsend Sapper 2 Platoon
Townsley Sapper 3 Platoon
Turner Sapper H D
Tyzack W S Major 47339 Officer Commanding
Varley Sapper H D
Waite Corporal
Walker B Driver 1 Platoon
Walker Driver 3 Platoon
Wallace Sapper HQ Platoon
Warner Second Lieutenant
Weaver William Herbert Edward Driver 2110747 Died 12/9/1944
Webster Kenneth Sapper 14423363 Netherlands Bronze Award
Wells Lance Sergeant 2 Platoon May be duplicate.
Wells Thomas Richard Sergeant 6016581 MM
Welsh Sapper 1 Platoon
Whately Sapper 3 Platoon
Whateman Sapper 3 Platoon
White P Sapper 3 Platoon
Whittall Sapper 1 Platoon
Whordley Sapper 1 Platoon
Wicks Corporal HQ Platoon May be duplicate.
Wicks Douglas Frederick Lance Sergeant 1890573 MM
Wilcox Sapper 1 Platoon
Williams Driver 1 Platoon
Wilson John Kilvington Sapper 2006626 Died 27/10/1942
Wizard A R Second Lieutenant 265455
Woolgar Sergeant HQ Platoon
Worrow Driver HQ Platoon
Wunnam Sapper 3 Platoon
Yates D Sapper 3 Platoon
Yates H Sapper 2 Platoon
Yeo W Sergeant Section Sergeant HQ Platoon

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