War Diary - CRA - December 1940

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1 December 1940

Received wire from TROOPERS that Brigadier E.L.G. Griffith-Williams, DSO, MC is appointed C.R.A. Alabaster Force, Iceland, and is embarking immediately.

2 December 1940

“B” Troop 386 Field Battery/143 Field Regiment carry out Field Firing exercise at Kleifervatn in conjunction with 1st Tyneside Scottish. A/C.R.A. attends.

4 December 1940

Major B. Armitage T.D. appointed B.M.R.A. Alabaster. (Brigade Major, Royal Artillery).

5 December 1940

Conference held at Force HQ, directed by G.O.C. C.R.A. Lt-Col F.W.B. Maufe and B.M.R.A. attend.

Brigadier E.L.G. Griffith-Williams DSO, MC arrives 19:00 hours.

6 December 1940

Conference held at Force HQ directed by G.O.C. C.R.A. , Lt-Col F.W.B. Maufe and B.M.R.A. attends.

7 December 1940

C.R.A.’s conference regarding Educational Training to be held in Iceland during winter months. Unit representatives attended.

11 December 1940

G.O.C. and C.R.A. recce SANSKEID area with a view to its use as an Artillery Range.

12 December 1940

C.R.A.’s Inspection of R.A. units – South West Sector.

A/273/69 Field Regiment – Hafnafjordur.

273/69 Field Regiment – SOGAMRYRI.

Section 4 (H) AA Battery – SKELETON HILL and Section 4 (H) AA Battery GARDAR.

14 December 1940

C.R.A. and B.M.R.A. inspected 143 Field Regiment (R.H.Q.) and 386/143 Field Regiment (less one troop) Alafoss.

17 December 1940

C.R.A. and B.M.R.A. inspected 69 Field Regiment (R.H.Q.) – SALMON BRIDGE and “B” Troop/366/143 Field Regiment BALDURSHAGI.

19 December 1940

Visited 147 Infantry Brigade.

20 December 1940

Visited 70 Infantry Brigade.

22 December 1940

Special Xmas Service conducted by Captain Reverend A Inglis C.F. at 4 AA Battery HQ, PIMPLE HILL. Attended by C.R.A and B.M.R.A. and Detachments of 69 Field Regiment, 273 Field Battery and 4 AA Battery.

Collection made for “Lord Mayor’s Air Raid Distress Fund”. £12. 14. 9 realised and forwarded.

25 December 1940

Xmas Day treated as a Sunday. C.R.A. and B.M.R.A. attended DOMKIRKJAN Garrison Church, Reykjavik.

26 December 1940

C.R.A.’s inspection of Royal Artillery units in Western Sector.

By sea to Borganes (with car). Weather – calm and mild.

27 December 1940

Witnessed practice Field Firing Exercise. Weather – mild.

28 December 1940

By road to Reykerskoli. Inspected Section “D” Troop 388/143 Field Regiment. Weather – MILD, slight rain, sharp frost at night.

29 December 1940

By road to Blonduos. Weather – fine but very cold.

30 December 1940

Inspected “D” Troop 388/143 Field Regiment (less one Section). Day temperature 7 degrees Fahrenheit.

31 December 1940

By road to Borganes via Reykerskoli. Temperature rose during the day. Snow from15:00 hours to 22:00 hours.

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