War Diary - CRA - January 1941

From 70 Brigade
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1 January 1941

Inspected 388 Field Battery, Royal Artillery (less one Troop) at Borganes. Variation in temperature. Ice on roads in the morning, rain and rise in temperature in the evening.

2 January 1941

By road to Reykjavik (95 miles in 7 hours). Slight difficulties on Northern and Southern shores of Hvalfjordur due to ice and erosion. This route was only possible owing to the prolonged thaw. Nearly all snow had disappeared. A few isolated patches of ice remained. High wind and rain all day.

7 January 1941

Accompanied G.O.C. on recce of Hvalfjordur, with a view to Anti-aircraft protection of anchorage.

13 January 1941

Recce area KaldadarnesSTOKKSEYRI.

14 January 1941

Recce KEFLAVIK area, with a view to Anti-aircraft protection of projected aerodrome.

22 January 1941

Recce area AlafossPingvellir – GEITHALS – SANDSKEID, for possible Artillery Range. Area astride roads AlafossPingvellir and GEITHALS – Pingvellir unsuitable, but possibilities in area GEITHALS – SANDSKEID.

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