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[[Hill William Gunner 3532681]] <br>
[[Hill William Gunner 3532681]] <br>
[[Hine Francis William Gunner 4132816]] <br>
[[Hine Francis William Gunner 4132816]] <br>
[[Hobin Edward Gunner 3535760]] <br>
[[Hobson Alfred Gunner 3532659]] <br>
[[Hocknell George Gunner 1154890]] <br>
[[Hoey James Gunner 11000592]] <br>
[[Hole Charlie James Gunner 14248542]] <br>
[[Holman Arthur Henry Gunner 1107601]] <br>
[[Holt John Gunner 3536211]] <br>
[[Hooper B G 2nd Lieutenant]] <br>
[[Hooper B G 2nd Lieutenant]] <br>
[[Hoseason H S Major]] <br>
[[Hoseason H S Major]] <br>

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The 88th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery, was attached to the 49th Infantry Division - of which 70th Infantry Brigade was also a part - from 17th June 1942 until 24th July 1943. Unfortunately, the War Diary was only photographed for 1942, and therefore the only period which is documented on the Website is from June to December 1942. Efforts will continue to trace and document the War Diary for 1943.

To read the Wikipedia article on this unit - which was created by the conversion of the 2/9th Battalion of the Manchester Regiment - please click here.

88th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary June 1942

88th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary July 1942

88th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary August 1942

88th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary September 1942

88th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary October 1942

88th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary November 1942

88th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary December 1942

Personnel known to have served in the Regiment.

The list of Personnel - generally drawn from extracts from the War Diary - is being enhanced by the inclusion of casualties killed while it was the 2/9th Battalion of the Manchester Regiment, before being converted to the Anti-Tank role - thanks to the advanced search protocols available from CWGC.

Allen R A 2nd Lieutenant
Armstrong W G 2nd Lieutenant
Ashton W L Major
Aspinall R 2nd Lieutenant
Barden Ernest Private 3531557
Barker H G 2nd Lieutenant
Bradley W V 2nd Lieutenant
Britain B J 2nd Lieutenant
Brooham J 2nd Lieutenant
Burden H C P 2nd Lieutenant
Carpenter W P Lieutenant
Clough R W Lieutenant
Cooper Cyril Gunner 3535921
Cottam Sydney Gunner 4130556
Cox Frederick Arthur Gunner 14259110
Crowther Osmond Gunner 4752688
Daly John Joseph Gunner 6210701
Daniel David Gunner 4130512
Daveridge Harold Gunner 4132102
Davies Bertie Gunner 4193139
Dawson Thomas John Gunner 4131482
Delaney Martin Joseph Gunner 6139133
Devine Herbert Henry Frederick Gunner 6285749
Dixon George Vincent Gunner 4130624
Dwyer Michael Lawrence Gunner 5734687
Edwards Ernest Frederick Gunner 4130554
Edwards Stephen Gunner 4132336
Ellams Jack Gunner 4126394
Elsworth Kenneth William Gunner 4132793
Elsworth Ronald Joseph Gunner 4130478
Evans Alfred Private 3531309
Facer W Lieutenant
Fairbrother Walter Gunner 4130641
Fardy Stephen Patrick Gunner 6475440
Flint G N C 2nd Lieutenant
Fowler Gordon George Gunner 6290001
Fraser John Gunner 2927234
Fyvie John Gunner 2878119
Gaudin J P J Captain
Gilbertson Robert Henry Gunner 14233130
Gill John Gunner 4614642
Goldsmith Charles Henry Gunner 3970328
Gough Alastair Gunner 6210676
Gregory Wilfred Private 3531701
Hackett P M Lieutenant
Hall A McD 2nd Lieutenant
Herbert R A Lieutenant
Hill William Gunner 3532681
Hine Francis William Gunner 4132816
Hobin Edward Gunner 3535760
Hobson Alfred Gunner 3532659
Hocknell George Gunner 1154890
Hoey James Gunner 11000592
Hole Charlie James Gunner 14248542
Holman Arthur Henry Gunner 1107601
Holt John Gunner 3536211
Hooper B G 2nd Lieutenant
Hoseason H S Major
Hutchinson S A Captain
Jefferies F R 2nd Lieutenant
King Harry Corporal 3529111
Kirkcaldy A F 2nd Lieutenant
Kirkman N Captain
Kitchen R C C 2nd Lieutenant
Lawrence J 2nd Lieutenant
Leathes H de M 2nd Lieutenant
Longdon W J 2nd Lieutenant
Lowes G R 2nd Lieutenant
Lowes S Lieutenant
Mallinson Joseph Private 3533203
McLaren R L 2nd Lieutenant
McClelland G A Major
Meigh J L 2nd Lieutenant
Miller D 2nd Lieutenant
Mogg Battery Sergeant Major
Moorcroft F E Major
Morgan D R 2nd Lieutenant
O'Brien Michael Francis Gunner 1078380
Peck Maurice Private 3532159
Pembroke S K Lieutenant Colonel
Phillips Powell C E Captain
Pomfret J Lieutenant
Pott K A Captain
Roberts D L 2nd Lieutenant
Rougement R A E de 2nd Lieutenant
Sharp A I 2nd Lieutenant
Shaw Edward Private 3528496
Simmonds N G 2nd Lieutenant
Slade H R 2nd Lieutenant
Smith F J Major
Smith G A 2nd Lieutenant
Sutcliffe J 2nd Lieutenant
Tatham J R 2nd Lieutenant
Taylor James Private 3528940
Thomas H 2nd Lieutenant
Tourell E W 2nd Lieutenant
Vella F G 2nd Lieutenant
Wetherell A E 2nd Lieutenant
Wilcox J E 2nd Lieutenant
Williams G J 2nd Lieutenant
Woolsey E F Major

For detailed and reliable information on British Artillery in World War Two, the interested reader is advised to consult Nigel Evans' Website at http://nigelef.tripod.com/

Sincere thanks are due to Nigel for his agreement to allowing this hyperlink to be put in place.

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